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Spring treats

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Spring treats

Spring is coming, slowly but surely, and we’re definitely ready for it here at Culinaris. Christmas treats have been whisked away and replaced with new and exciting products to wake your palate from its winter hibernation.

Zhao Zhou is a Hungarian importer of ancient artisan teas, some of them grown on trees over 500 years old. This is the only spot in Cambridge where you’ll find them, and they are well worth seeking out if you are a tea lover of any sort. Many of them can, indeed should, be brewed multiple times, making for a fascinating new tea experience.


NomNom is no stranger to us, but we do have a few new additions to our stock. If your tastebuds dozed off over winter, then the Pink Pepper white chocolate will definitely kick them into action. The combination of a healthy sprinkle of fairly fiery pink pepper and sweet, smooth white chocolate offers an interesting contrast of both flavour and texture. If that sounds altogether a little intense for you, then sweet, soothing Cardamom white chocolate may be just what you’re after. Offering a hefty dose of cardamom, NomNom certainly is not messing around with their punchy flavours this season (do they ever?). Finally, we also have the classic and delicious Madagascar 70, with fruity cacao from the Sambirano Valley offering classic flavours and a smooth finish.


Durrus is one of our few but much celebrated Irish cheeses, and is a welcome addition to our counter. It’s a gorgeous semi soft, washed rind cow’s milk cheese handmade in Coomkeen, just outside the Durrus village in West Cork. It received gold in the Irish food awards, and you can definitely taste the reasons why. It’s quite young right now, offering buttery, slightly mushroomy notes and a pliable texture. This would make a great first step into washed rind cheeses if you usually find them a little too pungent or intense.

To celebrate Easter, Loison has sent us a great range of their delicious Colombas. These are very similar to panettone, but are flavoured with candied peel rather than raisins. We also have delicious chocolate, mandarin and cherry flavoured creations, all in the traditional dove shape.

And finally, Franchi seeds are back!! Now that the sun is almost here and Jack Frost is getting the boot, we can start planting vegetables and getting our gardens back on track. Our favourite Italian supplier of exciting, reliable seeds couldn’t come soon enough. We have everything from gorgeous Violetto Precoce artichoke seeds to asparagus to purple broccoli seeds, so get ambitious with your veggie garden this year!

Come in, have a wander, and explore our exciting new favourites in the shop!