sam ryan

New pickups

sam ryan
New pickups

Spring is officially here! To celebrate, we’ve found a few more amazing products to add to our shelves. Some are local, some are far flung, and all of them are new favourites.

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese:

We are absolutely loving the newest addition to our cheese fridge  straight from Lancashire and ready to devour! Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese is mild, creamy and scrumptious. Made from raw milk from their very own herd, you can taste the local grasses that these happy cows have been munching on.

kirkhams location.png

Mrs Kirkham’s is the last remaining raw milk producer in Lancashire, and the Kirkham family feel strongly about keeping their traditions alive and strong. With three generations of great cheesemaking, they certainly know what they’re doing. They believe that happy cows make good milk, which makes wonderful cheese and we agree. And we’re not the only ones who agree — they’ve now won numerous awards for their fantastic cheese, the most recent being the 2017 Great Taste Nigel Barden Heritage Award celebrating the very best in food and drink.

Dom’s tasting notes: A mild and creamy delight, perfect for cheese sauce and toasties!

Pump Street Chocolates:

If you’ve ever been to Orford, Suffolk, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Pump Street Bakery. They’re well renowned for their amazing sourdoughs and fantastic patisserie, as well as their obsession with perfecting their craft. But now that they’ve got their bakery pretty much perfect, they’ve moved on to chocolate. And not just any chocolate… Amazing, extraordinary, mind-bogglingly delicious bean to bar chocolate, made completely in-house.


It seems that the Pump Street team have taken their obsession with perfection with them into the chocolate side of the business, along with some quirky flavour combinations and attention to detail.

All of their creations are single origin, with beans sourced from small, independent farms. As with wine, they believe that the area in which cacao is grown can greatly affect the final flavour profile:

“The terroir, variety, growth, harvest, fermentation and drying of the beans before they get to us will all affect the final flavour of the chocolate. We look for beans that come from owner-operated farms and cooperatives in fertile cacao-growing locations, with good bean varieties.”

If you ever have half a chance, take a look at the profiles of the various farms they’re working with — it’s an absolutely fascinating read!

Staff favourite: We’ve loved every Pump Street bar of chocolate we’ve been able to get our hands on, but the absolute favourite in the shop right now is the Bread and Butter bar made from Honduran beans. It tastes like coming home to a slice of buttered toast and snuggling up next to the fire — nostalgia and warmth combined in chocolate.

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries:

When you think of maraschino cherries, we guarantee that these are not the luminous red abominations you might be remembering! These are something different entirely —  they’re the original, and the absolute best.

Luxardo has been making cherry liqueur since 1821, and created the first liqueur soaked maraschino cherries in 1905. That’s quite a few years of experience!!  Their cherries are rich, dark, and much more complex and flavourful than any other maraschino cherry you’ll find on the market, with a distinctive bite. The syrup is thicker and more viscous, and they are altogether simply delicious. Well worth a try!

Sam’s tasting notes and recipe ideas: The syrup these cherries are steeped in has a deep, brown sugar sweetness. They’re the perfect cocktail ingredient but if you find yourself with some to spare then they make the best topping for stacked pancakes with yoghurt.